Machine Screws

Product Image (A6B16)

Low Profile

Price: 1.00 - 10.00 INR/Piece

Low Profile or Wafer Head Screws are extremely suitable for tight spaces and for reducing component weight.

Product Image (B4B31)

MicroFast Self Tapping Screws

Micro Screws - a special range of fasteners added to our extensive list of products.

Product Image (B4B68)

Slotted TRUSS Head Screws

Price: 1-5- INR

The Slotted TRUSS head screws is an architectural advancement. This design provides a low profile large head which has many applications that call for such a profile.

Product Image (B4B04-Micro)

MICRO Machine Screws

Price: 1-5- INR

To meet the growing needs of the industry, we have just added micro screws to our extensive list of products.

Product Image (B4B18)

Taptite Screws Trilobular

Price: 1-5- INR

The unique trilobular shape of the Taptite screw roll forms a mating thread in an unthreaded pilot hole. The threads are work hardened as they are formed, providing a strong joint or assembly.

Product Image (U4B04)

BLACK PASSIVATED Stainless Steel Screws

Price: 1-5- INR

dding to our ever growing range are BLACK Passivated Stainless Steel Screws. This finish is very useful to reduce light reflection from parts, provide an integrated finish to black coloured products & parts and also for decorative purposes.

Product Image (B4A35)

Slim Ultra Low Profile Torx Screws

Price: 1-20 INR/Piece

Ultra-thin head screw that are 77% thinner than conventional pan head which makes possible flat external surface and contributes low-profile design and weight saving.

Product Image (B4B05-1)

100 CSK Head Screw

Price: 1-5- INR/Piece

Flat Head Screw with 100 degree CSK for Aerospace applications.

Product Image (B4B20)

SEM Screws

Price: 1-5- INR/Piece

SEMS Screws are screws preassembled with free spinning washers.

Product Image (B4B04u)

UNF Thread Screws

Price: 1-5- INR

For usage in electronic and aerospace industries

Product Image (B4K31)

Captive Screws

Price: 1-5- INR

These are specially designed to lock into position in a hole, allowing to remove the screwed part without removing the screw completely. Hence the name, "captive screw".

Product Image (B4B05)

CSK Phillips Machine Screw Cross Recessed Head DIN 965 SS-304

Price: 1-5- INR

Countersunk Head Cress Recessed Machine Screws for flush fixing. Stainless Steel AISI 304 Grade A2

Product Image (B4B09)

TORX CSK Machine Screws SS-304

Price: 1-5- INR

Screws with a slipless drive - Torx and a countersunk head for flush fixing.

Product Image (B4B08)

Torx Pan M-C Screw

Price: 1-5- INR

The Torx compatible drive is a reliable method of fixing screws. This drive can take more torque and does not slip.

Product Image (B4B04)

Pan Phillips MC Screw DIN 7985

Price: 1-5- INR

The Phillips screw drive (specified as an ANSI Type I Cross Recess) is among the most popular screw drives in use. The Phillips screw design was developed as a direct solution to a number of problems with slotted screws: too-easy cam out; precise alignment required to avoid slippage and damage to driver, fastener, and adjacent surfaces; and difficulty of driving with powered tools.

Product Image (B4B03)

Slotted Pan MC Screw DIN 85

Price: 1-5- INR
  • Quality Level:High
  • Finish:Other
  • Head Shape Type:PAN
  • Type:Machine Screw
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Delivery Time:4-5 Days
  • Supply Ability:As Per quantity Per Week

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