Lock Washers

Product Image (G1D28)

Starlock Push-On Fasteners

Price: 50 - 200 INR

They are easy to use: just push on and they stay on. They are designed for permanent axial installation. They are safe, easy and cost-effective to use

Product Image (B4D18)

Disc Washers

This washer is a type of spring shaped like a washer. Disc Washers are loaded in the axial direction, either dynamically or statically.

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Multi Tooth Washer Internal

Price: 1-501-50 INR

Multi tooth washer with internal teeth prevent backward rotation

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Star Washers Internal DIN 6797J

Price: 1-50 INR

Star Washers or Serrated Washers with Internal Teeth. These are locking washers that form part of the serrated or toothed type of washers. They feature serrations or teeth that extend radially inward or outward to bite into the bearing surface.

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Disc Washer

Price: 1-501-50 INR

Disc washer, also called Belleville provide axial force where needed.

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Contact Washers

Price: 1-50 INR

Contact washers or Conical Washers

Product Image (B4D06)

Spring Washer Flat, B type

Price: 10-200 INR

Locking Spring Washers - Flat B type

Product Image (B4D05)

Spring Washers A Square

Price: 10-200 INR

Spring Washer with Square ends- A type

Product Image (B4D13)

Multi Tooth Washer External

Price: 1-50 INR

MultiTooth External Washer DIN 6798

Product Image (B4D47)

Safety Washers Stainless Steel

Price: 1-5- INR

The Safety Washers are of trapezoidal cross section and serrated on both sides. The security is achieved through friction and mechanical locking. Advantages - The cross section ensures locking effect at the outside diameter. - Due to the closed ring form, high degree of pretensioning is achieved. - Sliding surfaces allow tigtening with damaging the mating surfaces. - High resistance to vibration due to positive locking of the serrations - Suitable for a wide range of screw/bolt heads minimizing stocks.

Product Image (B4D11)

Star Washers DIN 6797A

Price: 10-200 INR
  • Shape:Round
  • Delivery Time:5-7 Days
  • Supply Ability:10000 Pieces Per Week
Product Image (B4D44)

Serrated Lock Washers

Price: 5-100 INR

Serrated washer or Star Washer also called “Vibration Proof Washers”

Product Image (NFE 25-511)

Contact Lock Washers

Price: 5-100 INR

Conical shaped lock washers, has a ribbed top surface

Product Image (SS-316L)

Heico Lock Wedge-Lock Washers

Price: 10-200 INR/Piece

Bolted connections tend to work themselves loose under certain operating conditions. Vibrations cause particular problems as they can overpower the “self-locking effect” of bolted connections. This can lead to functional failure or even lead to the connection coming apart. As it’s not always possible to know what forces are acting on the structure, and as constructional measures cannot be implemented everywhere, securing elements are often used. One of the few effective securing technologies available is the HEICO-LOCK® wedge locking system, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated by the latest experimental standards (including DIN 65151, DIN 25201-4, NASM 1312-7).


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